Every poem is unique, You just need to find the hidden message… Message revealed at the end of the poem just in case you miss it.

Feature Image credit: Héctor Valdivia, a visual artist based in México City. (link)


He was a sailor lived in a land very Far,
Ebullient traveler searching meaning in Rare-stars.
Road he walked all alone in silence in Isolation,
Marching his way through storm towards eventual Elation.
Into the darkness he sailed his ship searching for New-way,
Time will come when storm will settle, he’ll find his peace one Day.

Frightening waves caught his ship, amidst the ocean he was Held,
Escape was impossible, with fear of death he was Overwhelmed.
And so he closed his eyes to count his dreams and desires Pending,
Ray of light he saw shinning then when he thought his life was Ending.

Later next morning came moments of Peace,
Oh, but something was different something was Amiss.
Strange was the land new world was This,
Time and fate were tough on him through no fault of His.

Calling out for unknown he walked through the Place,
He found it very weird with thing rapidly made and Erased.
All this was daunting and no way out at All,
Only his voice and screams and his wasted Calls,
Spread till the horizon was desert of confusion, he needed a way out means of Elusion.

Deep he was caught between chaos and Dismay,
A shadow he saw then in distant light taking his fears Away.
“Riding on your ship”, it said, “all these fears you Write”,
Knowing you’ll be here again I come for you every Night.

The shadow looked familiar to his Surprise,
Evolved a forgotten face which once he loved and Memorized.
All this time he had himself his fear and pains only Imagination,
Real was that smile then which came through hope and Liberation.
Soon he will wake up knowing he made a  friend, to his doubts and loneliness this journey was the End.

-Monica (Smiley)
Life’s Good.

PS: Try reading the poem again this time concentrating on first letter of every line and first letter of last word of every line then read further.

Eh! No cheating!! Did you read the poem again!! if yes go on…

PS2: Yes they form the opposite pair of each other… signifying that life is balance between good and bad things. That life is not all Good or all Bad…

Now try answering this, Whose face did the Traveler See?? Yes.. I can see you smiling if you guessed it right…

-Love always,