Misunderstandings are bad. And I met a friend today, a really misunderstood one, sitting by the lake just staring at his reflection lovingly and crying… I went and sat by him. Now good thing about our friendship is we knew when to ask what. So I went with keeping quite and swallowing my questions.

So let me tell you all about my this friend. As a reader I have many friends, because I think I not only understand them but absorb their thoughts. My personality is somehow combination of their personalities. I am different like Elsa, brave like Scout, book lover as Liesel, innocent as the little prince, self absorbed as Roark, selfish like Amir and alone like Diana Oliveira. But this friend? I’m not suppose to choose favorite here so lets just say he had most impact on my personality. He is close.

He was a hunter from Thespiae, a small ancient Greek city. Tall, well built and beautiful. Every nymph loved and admired his beauty. Little did he knew about his own charm. One day while hunting in woods he met a mountain nymph named Echo, and fell deeply in love with her. Now this was very particular about my friend. He was a lover. He felt everything deeply and believed truly in his love. So when he went to echo to confess his love, Echo was both happy and sad.

she said, “I’ve been following you in woods since long Narcissus but couldn’t come and speak to you. It’s because I am cursed. I am cursed by Hera, and now i can speak last few words spoken to me.”

Narcissus smiled at this and said, ” You are love of my life…”
Echo repeated.

Narcissus always thought Echo was perfect for him for she was his every thought and he was her every word.
He never missed one chance to admire her and let her know she was above everything.

One day Narcissus went hunting in mountains and Echo followed him. While he was hunting she went around valleys and tops. Echo was mesmerized by the beauty of mighty mountain and his kingdom. She forgot all about Narcissus and his selfless love. All she could see was endless green grass smell the soil and feel the breeze.

But then the thought of her curse hit her hard. Why would someone as beautiful and mighty as mountain would wanna be with her.? Then she remembered all the things Narcissus told her, how she was above everything and how her curse makes her special. She knew Narcissus was loved by each and every Nymph and still he fell madly in love with her. There has to be something very special her that she cannot see. May be Mountain will see what Narcissus saw and take her as her lover.
When Narcissus returned from hunting Echo declared her desire to stay in valleys of Mountain forever.

She broke his heart! And never once Narcissus thought it was bad. Yeah he was a Lover!

Days went by, most of which he spent alone. By himself, still unaware of this charm and his admirers.

He needed a Friend.
One day he met a brave solider named Aminias and was deeply moved by his bravery and skills.
One day Aminias escaped from a lost battle and was hurt and lost his weapon in that escape. Narcissus took care of him in every way. Yeah that was something about my Friend he was Lover! He felt things deeply. This Friendship meant world to him and Aminias was center of this world.
When Aminias was healthy and ready to go to war, he asked Narcissus if he will help his troop in war, he was hunter after all. Just the difference being this time he was supposed to hunt humans. Narcissus agreed because yes Narcissus was one of those people you take along when you are about to go on a war! He will be by your side every time.
Before leaving Narcissus asked Aminias to go ahead gather troops and meet him by the lake. He was secretly making a sword for Aminias as he lost his in escape. Aminias agreed.
After a long hard work of beating and sharpening metal Narcissus came by lake all tiered and sat by the stone sweating through his forehead. When Aminias came he saw Narcissus all tired and weak and doubted his ability to support him in war.
“There is no place for already beaten soldier in my group. Our friendship ends here Narcissus, you dont need this sword anymore” he said and left with is troop taking away the sword Narcissus made for him.
Once again Narcissus was left alone.

Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, learned of these stories and decided to help Narcissus. She lured him to a pool where he saw his own reflection. She explained him how special he was to so many around him. That he never got to see his own beauty because his parents were worried of his extraordinary charm and asked prophet Teiresias what to do about his future. Teiresias told them that the boy would grow old only if “he didn’t get to know himself”. But it was time! It was time that Narcissus knew his own value. And Nemesis cast spell on him and He didn’t realize it was only an image that he was falling in love with it…

Today he is still sitting by the same lake waiting for the moment when his love will be reprocated.

So readers this was all about my friend Narcissus. Sure I know I twisted the real mythology here, Narcissus was supposed to be a self absorbed character with no love for others but himself. But I just wanted to see the possibility where he might just be Misunderstood.

Because not all Monsters are born Monsters. Sometimes its just pain! Sometimes a self absorbed person is most alone a seeker of love!!

I should ask him about his tears now.

Life’s good
Monica (Smiley)

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